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BBEdit (Mac) Telepítési Útmutató

Statcounter provides free customisable hit counters, visitor tracking, web analytics and website stats for BBEdit (Mac).

Single Page

  1. copy the StatCounter code (command c)
  2. paste copied code anywhere between tags
  3. ignore any markup errors

Multiple Pages

  1. On Preferences/Html sites make sure that your site is registered. If not, add it
  2. On BBEdit, open the index document of your site
  3. On your browser, get the StatCounter html code for your account
  4. copy the StatCounter code (command c)
  5. Open Search/Find (command-F)
  6. On the Search window write
  7. On the Replace window paste the code (command-v) an write at the end
  8. Click on Multi-File search and Batch Find
  9. On the type of search pulldown menu select Web Site
  10. On the root pulldown menu select your site
  11. Mark Use File Filter and edit to make sure you will do the changes on your html documents
  12. Click on Replace all
  13. On the alert window mark Save to Disk and Show Results and proceed


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