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SmugMug Telepítési Útmutató

Statcounter provides free customisable hit counters, visitor tracking, web analytics and website stats for SmugMug.

    1. First login to your SmugMug account. Once logged in, look for the "me" icon on the right hand side of your header tool bar. If you have chosen a profile photo, that will be shown instead of the icon. In the resulting drop down menu, click on Account Settings.

      Smugmug - Easy Customizer
    2. Towards the bottom of the Account Settings page, you will find the area for entering your StatCounter Project ID and Security ID . Hit Save and you are done!

      Smugmug - Custom Footer
    Because of the way Smugmug has their site setup the counter will be invisible by default.

    These instructions have been compiled and verified: January 2014 and contributed by our member John Wilmoth.


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